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Numéro Tokyo /Guest Creators
2018 October issue
2017 Sep. Vol.34 No.401 Issue
ELLE mariage
2017 Sep. No.37 Issue
October 31, 2016 Vol.1942 Issue

Press:June issue,2017

Tiffany Blue Book 2017x Numéro Tokyo

Holiday Floral Installation 2016 for Alexander Wang Flagship Store NY December,2016

Floral design&Installation 

■Press:Oct issue,2016 WWD JAPAN magazine


Press:Oct issue,2016 

「Engram Zine」Free magazine- B story

Press:Sep issue,2016 

「Atlas」magazine-Sprout story


■Nike Jodan x Neymar Launch Party June,2016

Floral dacorartion&Set display 

■Coach Perfume Launch Party May, 2016

Floral dacorartion&Set display 

Press:May issue,2016 

「NoTofu」magazine-Flower Bomb story

■The Row FW16 New York Fashion Week2016

Plants & Flower set design for the show


Press:February issue,2016 

Harper's Bazaar KZmagazine-Dior Cruse16 Cover story 


Press:#5 issue,2016 

 OOB magazine(France)-Beauty story 'POEMME' 


Press:December January issue, 2015,2016 

Harper's Bazaar KZ」magazine-Houte couture2015 story 


News:『Cadre de Fleur sale exhibition』until february 2016 

 "Black Cat Epicirie fine Paris" 40 Avenue Bosquet,75007 Paris


■News: 13 December, 2015  Event decoration "LA SOIRÉE DE LA MUSIQUES" 

Flower & Candle decoration at Fondation Swiss / architecte Le Corbusier

7 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris


■Press:October issue ,2015 

JUTE Magazine」(France) Fresh flral story "ESSENCE" 


Exhibition 'CADRES DE FLEURS:20th Sep-20 th Oct,2015  

This exhibition is about frame floral art that's using  dried flowers and succulents and It's going to be a botanical decoration to use bottles of wines to collaboration with vingt vins d'art during the exhibition for a month 『VINGT VINS D'ART』16 Rue de Jouy 75004, Paris


Press:September issue  ,2015 

Vogue Italy 」(Italy) 

Designer Naotoshi Seki who was elected on the vogue spotlight 2015 on September magazine issue 

made the flowers and production design  


■Press:July issue ,2015 

JUTE Magazine」(France) story "Tiny Little Garden" Flower & set design


■News: 2015

new line of pressed real floral earrings are now in one of the boutique "Tambour Paris"

Please come and checkout my new line of real floral earrings originally hand made,so visit us  

(Tambour Paris:12 Rue Trousseau 75011 Paris

新作の押し花ピアスなどパリのデザイナーズブティックにて Tambour Parisにて取り扱い始まりました。


■Exhibition:12,13,14th June,2015  

Salon Art Shopping 2015 at Carrousel du Louvre (Paris)

コラージュアート作品(花植物と写真)をルーヴル美術館の地下カルーセル ドゥ ルーヴルにて開催されるアートの展示会Salon Art Shopping 2015にて出展が決まりました。 Tittle;Beauté éphémère



「Spleen Factory Magazine 2nd 」(France) Floral design & styling ーCome out on May 21



Car Magazine "eS4' Flower and Styling ,Visual design with Audi. Out on 10 th April!

4/10 発売 芸文社ヨーロッパ車専門雑誌"eS4'

取材用のAudiと コラボレーションして花とVisualをデザイン&コーディネィトしました。



Victoria Golf 2015春夏カタログ、タイアップMagazine"Regina Premium" 花アイテム制作



■Advertisement :January,2015 

Green Styling for shooting of advertisement for fasion brand "AT-20"

ファッションブランドAT-20 の2015 Spring/Summer の広告撮影のグリーンスタイリングを担当する。



■News: 30 Jaunuary,2015

A Special Champagne Event 2015 floral fuse Decoration at The Cosmopolitan Osaka 

on January 30,2015

エレガントでモードなレストランThe Cosmopolitanで開催されるChampagne Partyに


Event info:




Created floral crowns and floral design for Official Calender2015 of the NOGIZAKA46 

who JapaneseIdol group 





 "HBG" (Hawaii Bride and Groom) 


Photographer:Derek Wong 



Floral decoration for "VERSACE" opening reception party in Honolulu



■Magazine: May,2014

"ZEXY Premier No.4"

ゼクシィPremier  ブーケ,テーブルフラワー掲載

Photographer:Yosuke Nakajima 



■Event: May,2014

Stage flower decorations for Ukulele festival2014 in Hawaii




■Event: March,2013 

 Live flower performance at Club Sunroom in Honolulu




Designed Bouquets for The Harajuku Collection in Tokyo 





Flower decoration at Jz-brat Tokyo in Japan



■Event: November,2010

Live flower performance and floral decorations at Palazzo Vecchio

in Italy florence 


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